Moonshine created the online advertising campaign to accompany Betfair’s viral activation ‘Meet the Ambassadors’


Project Info

Big Al’s Creative Emporium having recently been appointed by Betfair as their strategic and creative agency, asked Moonshine to work on the online advertising to accompany their recent viral campaign for the World’s Biggest Betting Community.

The viral ad plays on the 1990’s classic Ferrero Rocher Ambassadors Party ad, famed for its line “Ambassador, with this Rocher you are really spoiling us”.Big Al’s ad features the same ambassador’s reception, except the Ferrero Rocher chocolates have been replaced by betting ‘nuggets’ with exclusive tips enclosed, and the ambassadors now being famed English sports men.

Betfair currently boasts footballer Lee Dixon, cricketer Michael Vaughan, rugby player Will Greenwood and National Hunt horse trainer Paul Nicholls as their ambassadors, and from Big Al’s having created this amusing pastiche with these high profile sporting figures, asked us to help work with them to build engagement online.Rich media specs allowed us to to create a campaign that encompassed all key elements from the viral, but all operated around the premise of the ads inviting the user to ‘Meet the Betfair Ambassadors’ as a call to action.We applied a style of design and animation to the ads which would compliment the aesthetic that the original and now pastiche version utilised, ie. a decadent surrounding shot in soft focus. We added to this key design assets prevalent throughout such as gilded frames, brass plaques, and elegant typography (again, imitating the original advert).

High profile placements enabled us to really get the campaign out to as wide an audience as possible – examples of which were a homepage takeover on the search engine Yahoo, super headers on the Telegraph and Guardian, as well as numerous overlays and expandable ads served on many other leading tabloid sites.From these campaign ads Betfair has achieved and maintained a highly visible online presence. Our work has acted as a solid foundation to the preceding viral clip and has encouraged existing Betfair customers as well as potential new users to engage with the brand.


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