Moonshine created an online advertising campaign to drive tickets sales for Bamma's Mixed Martial Arts Event


Project Info

The British Association of Mixed Martial Arts (BAMMA) is a UK-based mixed martial arts promotion. The association was formed in 2009, and its live events are broadcast on the television channel Bravo.We were asked by BAMMA’s Head of Promotions to create a series of ads that would act as an online push to drive more traffic to the site, and in due course, generate ticket purchases to see the forthcoming live event.

We were somewhat constrained in the fact we had to develop creative within the file size of standard banners, but this did not deter us from creating an effective campaign which incorporated the key aspects of Bamma 3.The first of these was the fight card itself, with the names and photos of the competing fighters all displayed.

These photos were artistically enhanced to give more menace and intensity to each fighter and add more drama to the event’s billing and thus help convey the power of this highly physical sport.Secondly, we developed an animation of an intensely burning fire created by way of actionscript coding which addressed the limitations of file size and acted as a very striking visual component that featured throughout all of the ads.


Online Ad Formats